Volume 12, Issue 2
The Journal of Computational Science Education Volume 12 Issue 2
The Journal of Computational Science Education (JOCSE) promotes the use of compu . . .
Introduction to Volume 12 Issue 2
A brief introduction to this issue of the Journal of Computational Science Educa . . .
Featured Articles
DeapSECURE Computational Training for Cybersecurity Students: Improvements, Mid-Stage Evaluation, and Lessons Learned
DeapSECURE is a non-degree computational training program that provides a solid  . . .
Exploring Remote Learning Methods for User Training in Research Computing
The COVID-19 national health crisis forced a sudden and drastic move to online d . . .
Transitioning Education and Training to a Virtual World, Lessons Learned
Interaction is the key to making education more engaging. Effective interaction  . . .
Bringing GPU Accelerated Computing and Deep Learning to the Classroom
The call for accelerated computing and data science skills is soaring, and class . . .
XSEDE EMPOWER: Engaging Undergraduates in the Work of Advanced Digital Services and Resources
To address the need for a diverse and capable workforce in advanced digital serv . . .
Pawsey Training Goes Remote: Experiences and Best Practices
The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre training has evolved over the past decade, but  . . .
High-Performance Computing Course Development for Cultivating the Generalized System-level Comprehensive Capability
Supercomputers are moving towards exascale computing, high-performance computer  . . .
Employing Directed Internship and Apprenticeship for Fostering HPC Training and Education
Positions within High Performance Computing are difficult to fill, especially th . . .
Ask.Cyberinfrastructure.org: Creating a Platform for Self-Service Learning and Collaboration in the Rapidly Changing Environment of Research Computing
Ask.CI, the Q&A site for Research Computing, was launched at PEARC18 with the go . . .
The Design of a Practical Flipped Classroom Model for Teaching Parallel Programming to Undergraduates
This paper presents a newly developed course for teaching parallel programming t . . .
Creative Assessment Design on a Master of Science Degree in Professional Software Development
A Master of Science (MSc) conversion degree is one which retrains students in a  . . .
What Influences Students' Understanding of Scalability Issues in Parallel Computing?
Graduates with high performance computing (HPC) skills are more in demand than e . . .
Promoting HPC Best Practices with the POP Methodology
The performance of HPC applications depends on a wide range of factors, includin . . .