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Improvement of the Evolutionary Algorithm on the Atomic Simulation Environment Though Intuitive Starting Population Creation and Clustering
The Evolutionary algorithm (EA), on the Atomic Simulation Environment (ASE), pro . . .
Using Blue Waters to Assess Tornadic Outbreak Forecast Capability by Lead Time
Severe weather outbreaks come with many different hazards. One of the most commo . . .
Development of a Molecular Model for Understanding the Polymer-metal Interface in Solid State Pumps
Medical micropumps that utilize Magnetic Shape Memory (MSM) alloys are small, po . . .
Using Molecular Visualization as a Tool for Culturally Competent and Culturally Relevant Teaching: A Guided-Inquiry Biochemistry Activity
The central dogma is a key foundational concept in biochemistry. The idea that D . . .
The State of Undergraduate Computational Science Programs
A number of efforts have been made to introduce computational science in the und . . .