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Toward simulating Black Widow binaries with CASTRO
We present results and lessons learned from a 2015-2016 Blue Waters Student Inte . . .
Innovative Model, Tools, and Learning Environments to Promote Active Learning for Undergraduates in Computational Science & Engineering
This paper presents an innovative hybrid learning model as well as the tools, re . . .
Computational approaches to scattering by microspheres
Mie theory is used to model the scattering off of wavelength-sized microspheres. . . .
Using Inexpensive Microclusters and Accessible Materials for Cost-Effective Parallel and Distributed Computing Education
With parallel and distributed computing (PDC) now in the core CS curriculum, CS  . . .
Using Blue Waters to Assess Non-Tornadic Outbreak Forecast Capability by Lead Time
Derechos are a dangerous, primarily non-tornadic severe weather outbreak type re . . .